I have spent the last several years in pain and discomfort. I have tried countless medications and seen different physicians to try and find a resolution. The advice I heard the most was to live a normal life and just ignore it. Until you have suffered from constant and painful constipation, it’s hard to imagine how difficult that is to do. I avoided restaurants, friends, shopping and virtually any outing. 

I called the office of the Colorectal Division of North Carolina Surgery by pure chance. For the first time, the team offered me an alternative solution. My surgeon explained to me what colonic inertia was and how it was not just constipation. He explained how surgery could offer relief. During the entire process, my surgeon and his nurse practitioner were always present and made sure I was doing OK. They were both excellent communicators and made me feel listened to. 

Following surgery and recovery, I have gotten my life back. I am back participating in sports, going out with friends and family and just living a normal life. I am so thankful to have found this team and will be eternally grateful to them for giving me my life back!
Forever Grateful.