Clinical Team

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clinical team

Pictured (left to right):Lizzie Graybill, RN, AACN; Mel Reedy, LPN; Tanya Duncan, LPN; Beth Medlin, RN, Clinic Manager; Colleen Owens, RN; Anita Glover, CMA; Janice Dozier, CMA; Anna Pellegatta, RN (not pictured).

Our clinical team includes a group of compassionate, caring individuals with years of experience working with colorectal surgery patients. You will find them managing our triage phones, assisting providers, teaching patients about various colorectal conditions and managing all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into maintaining our clinic. They are truly kindhearted, and they genuinely care about our patients’ physical and emotional well-being. Our clinical team is a cornerstone of our practice.